Magic Kingdom


Magic Kingdom Theme Park Tickets


Magic kingdom is the theme park at the Walt Disney resort situated in Lake Buena in Florida. There are four parks at Walt Disney world.

All of these parks are situated near Orlando in Florida. Magic kingdom is one of these four parks Disney theme parks. This park is very much similar to Disney land.

The theme of the Disney land and that of magic kingdom are similar to each other.

This park is the place where the people from all the age group come and enjoy.

By a survey done in 2009, it has come to know that magic kingdom has become the most famous and the most visited theme park of the world. Until now approximately seventeen million people have visited the park. Magic kingdom is also known as magic Disney.

Interesting facts and history:

Magic kingdom was opened in the year of 1971. The exact date was first of October. It is very much interesting to note that this park was built in order to give a tribute to the Walter Disney and the team of the Disney organization.

Each and every member of the Disney organization played an important role in making the dreams of WalterDisney a reality.

The height of kingdom is about thirty three meters. Magic Disney was the only DisneyPark in Orlando at the time of its inauguration.

Features of magic kingdom:

The interesting feature of the magic kingdom lies in its unique identity. It is commonly called as the magical place on the earth. Make one thing very much clear in your mind that magic Disney and Disney land both are different places that is why after its inauguration it was named as magic kingdom park.

When you enter the park, the first place you see is the Cinderella’s palace. It is the view that is worth watching.

There are number of tunnels in magic Disney. These tunnels are used by the employees or the workers of the park to go from one place to other.

The tunnels were built to keep the workers and employees away from the view of the guests.

At the opening time of the magic kingdom or magic Disney, two other Disney hotels were also opened.

Ticket prices – Keep in mind

Now there is the great difference in the price of the ticket from the day it was opened.

At the beginning, the price of the theme park was approximately five dollars but now this ticket price has risen to sixty seven dollars.

All in all we can say that magic kingdom is the most entertaining and the magical place in the world. If you want to spend your vacations with full of joy then you should try this place once.